Kodiak Electric Association 

Terror Lake, Alaska

USS provided constructability and cost estimating services for a feasibility study of this proposed project designed to increase the available water flow to the existing Terror Lake hydroelectric plant operated by Kodiak Electric Association (KEA). The project consists of two diversion structures, a connecting canal, and a 6100-foot tunnel to move water from the Hidden Basin. Drainage through the intervening ridge to the upper end of Terror Lake. Project duties consist of field reconnaissance, design and constructability analysis, and construction cost estimates to determine the economic and physical feasibility of the project.

U.S. Department of Interior

Glen Canyon Dam Tunnel Inspection

USS provided an initial and in-depth inspection of the transportation access tunnel to Glen Canyon Dam.  This two-mile tunnel is 22'x24' with over one dozen adits and follows a hairpin curve in the canyon.  Arch perimeter and rock bolts were mapped according to contract requirements, as well as any geologic deterioration and water inflow.  The final report and presentation detailed significant findings and recommendations for future inspections according to TOMIE 2015 (Publication No. FHWA-HIF-15-005).

City of Dallas 

Master Service Agreement (36 month) Fasteners & Bolts

USS recently teamed with All Size Supply, Inc., a Dallas-based firm, and was announced low bid on a 36-month Master Service Agreement with the City of Dallas for Fasteners and Bolts.  Award of the contract is pending.

Recent Projects

Jefferson Labs, Newport News, VA

Bored Tunnel Feasibility Study

USS provided cost estimating and constructability expertise for a feasibility review for a new Electron Ion Collider (JLEIC), which encompassed an approximately 7,000 LF tunnel in a “figure-eight” pattern with a center shaft of 60 feet diameter approximately 83 feet deep. The shaft would be constructed in geologic conditions of cobbles, boulders, and potentially organic debris. The tunnel would be excavated in saturated sand, silt and clay conditions, requiring the use of either an Earth Pressure Balance or pressurized-face TBM.

​​​​​​   Materials Supplier  -  Service Provider

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), Dallas, TX

Red and Blue Line Platform Extension Value Engineering Study

In accordance with FTA requirements for federally funded transit projects, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) contracted a value engineering (VE) study for the 30 percent design submittal completed by their chosen design team.  During the almost week-long workshop, USS provided a key role in the overall approach and implementation of the VE process, as well as construction cost estimating and scheduling experience to help evaluate key VE alternatives.

SAK Construction

Deer Creek Sanitary Sewer Tunnel Cost Estimate Check

USS contracted with SAK Construction to develop a bid level check estimate for 22,000 feet of 21.5-ft diameter TBM excavated and concrete lined tunnel, including several shafts and ancillary facilities.  The project also consisted of numerous smaller underground tunnels and adits constructed by both TBM and drill and blast methods.  The HCSS-heavy bid estimate task had a very narrow window of completion between start and delivery, including an on-site bid review with the contractor.  SAK ultimately won the project.

Department of Interior